Our School

Compass Driving School exists to equip young drivers with the skills and understanding of driving to make them safe and confident driving in any situation.

Through our State-approved curriculum and instruction we will teach students how to be constantly aware of potential hazards along the roadway, and to navigate through those situations safely. To do that, students will learn the “rules of the road”, the signs, symbols, and laws that govern us while driving. They will become familiar with the operation of a vehicle, learning its capabilities and limitations. Finally, student will see the common hazards that develop in different situations and the safest practices to ensure they come through those situations safely.

While working through the textbook students will also have the opportunity to put their learning to the test by taking control of one of our training vehicles (with the instructor’s assistance), and taking it out on the roadway!

Students with learners permits
Grant was a blast! I felt very confident driving after my first session!
— Justin Murphy, Student